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As a traveller, would you love to have a food mobile app that leads you to all the best eating joints of the city that you are touring? The app should be as functionally simple as possible; because as a tourist, you just want to get to the next great eating place, using the simplest route possible. There is a photograph to identify the food outlet and another picture to show their main dishes. For each restaurant, the application displays the name of food outlet, its signature dish(es), address, GPS coordinates and operating hours, plus a live Google or Bing Map showing its exact location. Most people do not like carrying a bulky guidebook around advertising that they are tourists in broad daylight - it's just not good security practice!

With this food mobile app, you can get to all the best restaurants and food outlets easily. With a pre-selected list of well-reviewed eating places, the app will be a valuable resource to get you 'eating all day, eating all the way'!

The other great feature is 'Nearby Outlets'. After eating at a great food restaurant, if you are still not feeling satisfied, you can move on to the next one. With 'Nearby Outlets', you can find out the locations of nearby outlets that are also serving delicious food. Finding yummy eats is now easy as ABC with this app!

The main idea of this food mobile app is actually to have all the info in your smartphone rather than depending solely on Google Maps. For the Pro version, there is a static map for each outlet which you can refer to. Imagine going to another country and downloading data while your phone is on international roaming. When you go back, your telco is going to slap you with HUGE roaming charges! Now with our food mobile apps, you can switch off roaming while travelling, yet still be able to check the live Google or Bing Map at a local wifi. After that, as you approach the restaurant, you can rely on the mini static map without having to roam! The 'Nearest 5' feature works with the GPS system on your smartphone. By clicking on it, the app determines your current GPS location and uses it to find the five nearest recommended eating joints! Once you have selected the food outlet, you are provided with the standard information of the place and how to get there. This is a Pro version feature. There are more features coming up!

Download & Install : Penang Glutton's Corner for Android

'Eat All Day, Eat All The Way!'

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